Date: 10/3/17 9:19 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: Coos birds & flutterbys 10/3/2017

Congrats on the Horned Lark. I get a few each year when I return to Salem and the Baskett Slough. Haven't had any down here.

Will miss you Saturday. Have a conference in Oregon City. Next weekend no better, presenting in Bend.

If you want me to post Bandon rendezvous point like Ray's at a certain time let me know. I will post it. Last three days of passerines here at Lake have been great. You should do well down south.


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Subject: [obol] Coos birds & flutterbys 10/3/2017

I worked out on the south end of the N Spit of Coos Bay today collecting pink sand verbena seed. Gorgeous sunny day with winds less than 10 mph and temps up to 70F.

On the drive out there was a SE OWL feeding out in the open beachgrass, not a species I see every year in Coos. Along the road there was a LAPLAND LONGSPUR that really didn't want to leave the road. Besides pipits out where we were working there was a HORNED LARK, another species I don't see every year in the county. Another Lapland on drive out.

I did some 5 minute butterfly counts during lunch and averaged 3-4/min, 90% tortoiseshells and 10% Painted Ladies the latter stopping and feeding on the Abronia where I could check to make sure they were not American Ladies.

Fun day!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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