Date: 10/3/17 2:34 pm
From: Florence Sanchez <sanchezucsb11...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] This morning in Goleta
Today I had time for a brief pass through some of the Goleta birding areas.  At Stow Grove, I had lots of Yellow-rumps and not much else.  The eucs were full of them and I could not pull out any different warblers from the mix.  I then went on to LLC, where there was a schoolbus full of children unloading, so I birded mostly the far side of the lake and didn't try to bird around the house.  I found the first Ring-necked Ducks I've seen this fall (3 of them) on the Lake, along with an Eared Grebe and two Gadwalls.  The Clark's Grebe continues.  Juvenile Kites are still screeching from the Star pines near the house and the adults were flying about overhead.

At Newport Drive, I quickly found the Northern Waterthrush doing much the same thing as it was in Peter's video form yesterday.  It's fun to watch.  A Townsend's Warbler and Song Sparrow also came down to the mud puddle to drink and a pair of Kites were perched in the tops of the Eucalyptus trees along the creek.
A Coronado Drive, I found little bird activity--the puddle is just about dry.  What happened?  I didn't bring water because I remember there being a post that Audubon was going to keep the area watered.  Was that in error?
Florence Sanchez

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