Date: 10/3/17 9:06 am
From: Jeff Virant <rainbow...>
Subject: [wisb] Pileated Woodpecker's Peculiar Demise, Polk County
Hi all,

While out walking on our property yesterday, I came upon the undeniable and sad evidence of what would seem to be a rather peculiar demise for a Pileated Woodpecker. I am attaching a link to my Flickr account that will hopefully allow you to see it. The unfortunate Pileated Woodpecker is lodged about 10 feet up in a white pine. The first photo on Flickr shows the bird and the second photo shows the white pine tree trunk with a garden rake to provide size and height reference. The woodpecker itself is about 10 feet up from ground and there is no cavity behind it in the tree. I can’t imagine that the bird would have flown by accident into the tree and collided with it. Nevertheless, I am also having difficulty imagining what other beast may have carried it up there and why. Sure would appreciate any theories.

Best birding,

Jeff Virant
Deer Park, WI (Polk County)

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