Date: 10/3/17 8:00 am
From: Jared Gorrell <jsgorrell...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: IBET IOS Carlyle Lake Pelagic Trip (9/30)
Just wanted to make it clear, I didn't mean to complain that no one had
posted, I was simply puzzled by it. I intended no offense.

Jared Gorrell
Jackson County

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> Hi, all!
> Since I have seen nothing about this trip posted on here since the
> weekend, here's my blogpost about the Illinois Ornithological Society's
> trip to Carlyle Lake on September 30. I'm not sure why the
> least-experienced birder is writing up the first trip report that appears
> in this listserv, but so it goes.
> first-pelagic-trip-ios-lake-carlyle/
> In summary, if you don't want to read the whole thing, our best finds were
> Nelson's Sparrow in Eldon Hazlet State Park and Red Phalarope along the
> southeastern side of Carlyle Lake. Large flocks of Forster's Terns (well
> over 150 birds) were observed towards the end of the trip. No Sabine's
> Gulls were seen, continuing the streak of bad luck with this species for
> this trip, despite a sighting just the night before. I personally had four
> lifers (Nelson's Sparrow, Philadelphia Vireo, Black-bellied Plover and Red
> Phalarope) and one state lifer (Marsh Wren), as well as 89 birds for the
> day, and considering my lack of experience others definitely had longer
> lists. While no spectacular rarities were discovered, it was a good trip
> with plenty to see.
> Good birding!
> Jared Gorrell
> Jackson County

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