Date: 10/2/17 9:08 pm
From: Mike Carozza <mike.carozza...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Late night at Sue Bierman, Meadowlark
Hit Sue Bierman just before sundown and the first bird I laid eyes on was a
WESTERN MEADOWLARK looking desperately out of place under the skyscrapers.
I was happy to find that the bird had a friend, another terrified
Meadowlark under a tree that 3 Yellow Warblers were flycatching from. The
ground floor of Sue Bierman is a hostile environment for anyone, so I felt
for these poor little birds stranded there.

150+ crows flew over in about 5 seconds of paying attention to them. I've
seen thousands flying to roost in this part of the city. I wonder if crows
outnumber the cumulative sum of all other birds in the city on a given day.
Hope not.

A Peregrine Falcon flew south and landed on the top corner of a skyscraper
above Hyatt Regency.

Earlier in the day from my roof, I had a Flicker fly from Russian Hill to
a Eucalyptus under Coit Tower.


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