Date: 10/2/17 4:59 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Malheur NWR trip, Sept 27-29
I led a Birding 'Weekend' trip to Malheur NWR, Sept 27 - 29. We had 20
participants; Chuck Gates joined us for part of the trip.

Wed., Sept 27

We began north of the Narrows with a Ferruginous Hawk on a utility pole. At
the Narrows we saw the thick-billed SNOWY EGRET, many Greater Yellowlegs, a
couple White-faced Ibis, a Wood Duck, Forster's Terns feeding fledglings,
many Savannah Sparrows and Am. Pipits.

At refuge headquarters a Prairie Falcon was seen. Chuck and others found a
mix of warblers: MacGillivray's, Townsend's, Wilson's.

We moved on the summit of Steens Mt.; the road was passable to the East Rim.
A bird flew over that one observer saw well enough to call it a Black Rosy

Thur., Sept 28

We did Benson Pond. We found a Great Horned Owl, multiple L-b Dowitchers, a
few Least Sandpipers. We had good looks at a Sora on the mud. Some folks
heard Marsh Wren.

At the P Ranch we found a Red-naped Sapsucker.

At Page Springs c.g we did not find the Black Phoebe others saw that same
day. We did find 12 EVENING GROSBEAKS and 15 CEDAR WAXSINGS in junipers at
the south end near the pumphouse, plus Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, and a
Yellow Warbler.

At Frenchglen we found a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Fri, Sept 29

At the Hines sewage pond we found an Eared Grebe, Canvasback, other ducks.

On the road to Sodhouse we had a good look at a Sage Thrasher.

At the Sodhouse ranch we saw Great Egrets on the nest, and a flight of 40
Sandhill Cranes.

At headquarters we found a Golden-crowned Sparrow, Yellow-headed Blackbirds,
Spotted Towhee, and Orange-crowned Warbler.

Then we found a Great Horned Owl and got it in the scope for a family with 3
small children. First the 8 or 9 yr old looked. And looked, then "I SEE
IT! I SEE IT!" Next the 4 yr old looked. And looked, then "I SEE IT! I SEE
IT!" Then the 2 year old on his mother's knee, held up to the scope.
Eventually, "I SEE IT! I SEE IT!" Fun.

A good trip.

Good birding, everyone,

Paul Sullivan

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