Date: 10/2/17 9:30 am
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [COBOL] Green Ridge Harlan's & Goshawk
Sunday was another exciting day of hawk watching for ECAS's survey. Even
though our total of 183 birds was less than Saturday's total of 223 we had
20 more raptors due to having 75 TV on Sat. vs. 15 TV on Sun. In the
morning we had a hunting Goshawk cruise right through the trees that
couldn't be counted as it continued due north until it was out of sight.
In the afternoon Judy alerted us to an even closer encounter as a Goshawk
flashed past us so fast we initially thought it was a Peregrine. During
that same 3:00 to 4:00 time frame Peter spotted a light morph Harlan's
going right overhead that gave us all a good look. Despite the forecast we
never had a drop of rain and strong westerly winds produced a fairly steady
stream birds for the day. Temperatures remained in the chilly mid to upper

1 Osprey
10 Bald Eagle
80 Sharp-shinned Hawk
37 Cooper's Hawk
1 Northern Goshawk
16 Red-tailed Hawk
10 Golden Eagle
5 Merlin
6 Unid. accipiter
2 Unid. raptor (the only group I'm confident in identifying!)
15 Turkey Vulture

Our observers were the ever dedicated Peter Low, Judy Meredith, Kim Boodie,
Leanna Taylor, David Braunschweiger and Bob Wilkinson.
We enjoyed the company of visitors Stella Dean, Jim Ott, Susan Primak and
Kim's friend Sparky.

David Vick

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