Date: 10/2/17 8:01 am
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Subject: IBET Submit your ibis sighting to IORC (no sightings)
Fall or immature plumaged plegadis ibis are considered review list species by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee (IORC) due to the difficulty in assigning these birds to species. Please consider submitting your documentation online to have your record officially approved and added to the state records.

For those wondering what to look for when observing these birds, read the quote from the Birds of North America White-faced Ibis species account quote below.

"Immatures of both species difficult to separate until White-faced Ibis develops red iris (often during first fall). Basic (nonbreeding) plumaged adults often indistinguishable from Basic plumaged Glossy Ibis but White-faced Ibis has red versus brown iris, dark facial skin with no border of white feathers. Glossy Ibis retains pale edges on dark loral skin throughout winter but this character is sometimes difficult to see."

Personally, I have not seen these birds. The photos that I have reviewed are mostly inconclusive. There are a few photos that show one or two individuals with a reddish iris, but many photos show only a brown iris. I am sure this may change when direct sunlight is on the face.

So, I urge you to submit your record using the form above. The lone fall plumaged immature White-faced Ibis that spent several weeks in Kane County in November 2015 was accepted by IORC and eBird based on photos and written documentation from more than one person.

For now, eBird will accept these records as a "slash" - Glossy/White-faced Ibis. You can add this option manually to your checklist. All other submissions will remain pending IORC review.


Matthew Cvetas
IOS President and volunteer eBird Record Reviewer
Evanston, IL

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