Date: 10/1/17 6:46 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] BlacklickWoods,10-01:kinglets,vireos,warblers
The cool, crisp morning brought a modest fallout to this southeast Columbus
MetroPark (and nearby Reynoldsburg Civic Park and Big Walnut Park).
Nowhere had swarms of migrants, but there was a steady stream of unusual
birds, including:

Vireos - 2-3 Blue-headed at Blacklick, along with 1 Philadelphia Vireo
Wrens - 2-3 House Wrens and 2 Winter Wrens were along the trails at
Blacklick Woods
Kinglets - lots of Ruby-crowns at every stop, and also had my FOS
Thrushes - surprisingly scarce, with only a few Swainson's
Mimids - still some remnant Catbirds at both parks; Reynoldsburg Civic had 7
Waxwings - small flocks in many places; Reynoldsburg Civic had 30+
Warblers - 8 species at Blacklick, with the highlights being a female
Golden-winged and a male Hooded, both off the Buttonbush Trail. Also had
Magnolia, Black-thr.Green (5), Redstarts, Bay-breasted, Chesnut-sided,
N.Parula. Nearby Big Walnut Park added a Blackpoll and Black-thr.Blue.

Raptors - Blacklick Woods had 2+ Coopers, Red-shouldered, and Red-tailed
Hawks, while Reynoldsburg Civic had a Sharp-shinned and Red-tailed Hawk


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