Date: 10/1/17 4:22 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Curry Blackpoll et al. 10/1/2017
I birded with Terry Wahl today in S. Curry. Best spot was Pistol River.
There was a BLACKPOLL WARBLER on the SE side of the hill there that I saw-
just as I was pointing it out to Terry a car pulled up to ask us what we
were seeing which was enough time for us to be distracted, the bird to fly
off, and not be refound. We looked for it for a while and so did the
Hinkles, O. Harper and H. Herlyn who arrived shortly after I saw the bird
but without luck. After they all left Terry and I saw a CC SPARROW up the
road NE of there near the houses. Pretty birdy there and elsewhere. The
Hinkles et al. found some good birds but nothing real rare- they
should have a good report but have a long drive home first.

Also in Coos Norm Shorts reports a SAY'S PHOEBE at Bandon Dunes golf course
today in same area one spent a couple months last fall.

Gorgeous sunny day on south coast!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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