Date: 10/1/17 11:04 am
From: Mac Myers <budogmacm...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Cameron 30 Sept.
Labird,My intenet service was out, just now restored.

Phillip Wallace and I birded Cameron yesterday, stayed east of the river.
The day turned out hotter than expected, and birds were generally few,
especially migrant landbirds. We did have a few birds of at least moderate
interest. There was a single Groove-billed Ani along the East jetty Woods
road, in the scrub along the fence line, after making the turn to the left
over the cattle gap. There was an exceptionally dingy female Vermilion
Flycatcher on the east fence at Willow Island. There were two Red Knots
along Rutherford Beach, along with about six Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and
a Sanderling eating a Common Green Darner (dragonfly). Bald Eagles are not
particularly surprising, but we watched a single adult soaring over the
tree line north of Rutherford Beach, as it eventually sailed out over the
Gulf. Also, a Chuck-Will's-Widow, flew across the beach going north,
apparently correcting after finding itself over the Gulf.

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