Date: 9/30/17 9:44 pm
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [COBOL] Today's Green Ridge raptor migration
Strong westerly winds with temperatures staying in the upper 40's made for
a chilly day of hawk watching and 223 birds moving through at high speeds
mostly overhead.

1 Osprey (nice last bird of the day)
16 Bald Eagle
57 Sharp-shinned Hawk
29 Cooper's Hawk
22 Red-tailed Hawk
3 Golden Eagle
11 Merlin
5 Unid. Accipiter
4 Unid. Raptors
75 Turkey Vultures

Today's observers: Peter Low, Kim Boodie, Judy Meredith, Nancy & Satch
Esperancilla, David B, Erik Jensen and some new blood provided by Jamie
Mason. Hope to see a good turn out of you Wednesday Morning Birders.
Looks like we will have nice fall weather.

David Vick

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