Date: 9/30/17 8:34 pm
From: Karen Cottrell <krncottrell...>
Subject: [obol] Clark's Nutcracker in SE OR
We have a new visitor in the yard this year. During the Summer we were
entertained by a family of Logger-Head Shrike. Called the babies the
"Gang". They played and chased each other and the yard birds. Two weeks ago
I noticed another similarly marked bird. The one Shrike still hanging
around was chasing it and diving at it. Size was definitely different. New
bird was much bigger, head was all grey with no Black stripe. Watched it
flitting around the yard with it not concerned with humans, dogs or
chickens. It came close enough for decent pictures. Started comparing it to
Shrikes with no ID. Compared to Northern Mockingbird. No. Finally looked at
Jays. Clark's Nutcracker. We are 30+ miles from Steens' Mountain, so he is
a bit out of his territory. Pale gray body, short tail, black wings, white
patches on tail and wings, straight pointed beak.

Karen Cottrell
Malheur Co

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