Date: 9/30/17 6:36 pm
From: Bonnie Comegys <blcomegys...>
Subject: [obol] mystery call, Cape Lookout State Park
for the last two nights, while camped at Cape Lookout State Park, heard
intermittently through the night (before the rain) a mystery caller in the
trees above campsite, sometimes was calling at about 10 second intervals.
think is likely a bird? suppose could be something else, but what, any
ideas? first night seemed to be one vocalizer, then last night sounded like
at least two, started just after got dark, so recorded a few audio/videos
with the last of battery power. the bright light in some videos is the
first quarter moon behind trees, and there is background ocean waves and
some camping neighbor sounds.

also there were hundreds of Brown Pelicans this past week at Cape
Disappointment and Cape Lookout, was extraordinarily warm midweek at the

Bonnie Comegys
blcomegys AT
NE Portland OR, Parkrose

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