Date: 9/30/17 11:48 am
From: Mitchell Pruitt <0000000b4ac30a99-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Migrants at Lake Fayetteville this Morning
I birded around the Environmental Center at Lake Fayetteville for a little while this morning and was inspired by migrants moving through! A noisy group of chickadees tipped me off as to the potential location of the flock. They didn’t deceive me! Locating the chickadees in several closely-spaced oaks, meant that I had also located a great flock of songbirds. It included 4 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 3 Blue-headed Vireos, 1 Black-and-white Warbler, 2 Yellow-throated Warblers, 2 Northern Parula, 1 Magnolia Warbler (first winter), 1 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 1 Eastern Phoebe, and several Tufted Titmice. Other notables throughout the morning included LOTS of Gray Catbirds, 3 of which were mobbing some raptor. I just caught a grayish glimpse, but it was probably a Cooper’s Hawk. There were 2 fall-golden Summer Tanagers in the area as well; one pit-ti-tucking, the other flycatching. A couple more parulas and House Wrens and I was on my way south to the farmer’s market.

Good birding,

Mitchell Pruitt
Fayetteville, AR
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