Date: 9/30/17 10:37 am
From: Joe Lill <trptjoe...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: IBET Glacial Park, Walmart Ponds & Lippold Park Friday 9-29-17
The six White-faced Ibises are still present. I was fortunate in that they were working the north edge of the pond, so they weren't backlit as I stood on the grassy path. I had red eyes on all six of them.
Al's concern about standing on the grassy is well-founded, but joggers and dogs were using it and the birds were okay.
Walk north from the Lost Valley parking lot. Just before you get to the cross road there will be a grass path. Go left and stay quiet.

Joe Lill
Chicago, Cook County

> On Sep 29, 2017, at 8:06 PM, Al Stokie <alstokie99...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> wrote:
> Hello Bird People,
> Saw on Ebird that 6 White Faced Ibis were seen at Glacial Park on
> Thursday but no info as to where to look was given. 1st I looked at
> the main wetlands from the Power House overlook but the water was too
> high for shorebirds & shorebirds were mentioned as being with the Ibis
> gang. Next I looked at the small pond at the west end of the park
> where you turn left from Hart Rd & end up at a small parking lot. But
> no birds at all in that pond. Now what? Then I remembered that there's
> a stream system to the west but that's a large area & a long way to
> carry a scope without knowing just where to look. Decided I needed an
> overview of that whole area so I drove in to the Lost Valley
> Nature/Visitor Center building, walked west just past the building &
> looked to the N.W. & there were all 6 Ibis & their shorebird friends.
> With the scope I could see that they were all "Dark Ibis" but that's
> all I could say. Needed a better (closer) look.
> I walked the exit road from the parking lot (a one way road) about 100
> yards & turned left (west) along a grassy pathway that goes right to
> the Ibis pond. There you can see all the birds well but don't get too
> close as the birds may flush. Do NOT try & drive there as there's no
> parking & the park folks made one driver move his car & leave. It
> might be better to walk the gated road rather than the grassy path as
> you will give the birds a little more space that way. Here's what I
> saw:
> In the water were Mallard (3), Shoveler (3) & B.W. Teal (8-10)
> Volunteer Dave M added Green Wing Teal but I missed them.
> Flying by were Turkey Vulture (2), Osprey (1), Sandhill Crane (2) &
> Ring Billed Gull (1)
> Feeding in the shallow areas were Killdeer (4), Greater (1) & Lesser
> (7) Yellowlegs & Snipe (6-7)
> Also there were the 6 Ibis all of which are either young birds or at
> least not in breeding plumage.
> Therefore the only way to I.D. them is by eye color but all eyes just
> look "dark" from a distance.
> But if you stare at them long enough (took 15 min) & wait until the
> sunlight hits their faces just right you will see that some of them
> will show the bright red eye color. I was able to see that red color
> on 2 or 3 of the Ibis but my guess is that all 6 are the same. Let me
> say again that it may take a while to see that red eye color but it's
> there on at least 2-3 of them & probably all 6.
> A quick stop at the Walmart Ponds found the water too high for
> anything but Canada Geese, Mallards, Wood Duck (2) & 1 Coot. A
> slightly longer stop at Lippold Park also found water too high for
> shorebirds but just right for many ducks (4 species) & geese plus
> Great Egrets & Cormorants.
> Bird-Of-The-Day to the Ibis gang & Runners-Up to the Osprey & the
> calling Sandhill Cranes
> Al Stokie
> In McHenry County today finding the Ibis hide-a-way

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