Date: 9/30/17 9:11 am
From: Robert Ridgely <rridgely14...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Rusty Blackbirds etc. at Thompson
A flock of 18 Rusty Blackbirds lingered in front of our house along the edge
of Thompson Refuge this chilly morning, later some of them flying up into
the tall pine at the base of our driveway, gurgling away and the males
occasionally singing. At least for here, that's unusually large. While in
the pine they were actually almost "joined" by a group of 7 Red Crossbills;
the latter remain in undiminished numbers around Sandwich, at various spots.

A good warbler movement too, at least for this late in the season, dominated
of course by Myrtles but also a scattering of Palms, Pines, B-t Greens,
Magnolias, and even a late Tennessee (normally scarce, they've been
relatively plentiful the past few weeks).

One calling Sora was in the marsh near the boardwalk this past Monday
(9/25), and the Wood Ducks are now flying in to roost every evening, most of
them as it's getting pretty dark so hard to count but the annual gathering
now is in the 50-75 range and they should continue to increase into
mid-October. Their squealing calls can be heard off and on all evening:
they take a long time to settle down.

Come visit this NH Audubon gem before we lose the leaves: it's a great short
walk, and has to be one of the prettiest views in the state!

Robert S. Ridgely

North Sandwich

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