Date: 9/30/17 7:00 am
From: Stephen Johnson via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Sedge Wren - Reston

Lynn and I re-found the Sedge Wren this morning (Saturday). We heard it sing for a couple of minutes. Then it briefly popped up, and one of us got a glimpse of a very small wren-like brown bird. That was it, no other sight or sound during our 45-minute vigil. I'm pretty sure we heard the right vocalization, not Marsh or House Wren.

The exact location we found it was a short distance downhill (that is, North) from the bee hive colony boxes that Dave mentioned. Those two boxes are just downhill from the community gardens, along the West side of the gasline clear-cut which runs roughly North-South, parallel to and East of Wiehle Avenue. There is a creek at the base of the hill running East-West from the dam (the road runs along the top of the dam). The location where we found the bird was on the North-facing hill, South of that creek, on the West side of the hill (i.e., the side towards Wiehle).

I believe that is the same location Dave described (below).

Before you chase this bird, I recommend 3 things. (1) Patience. This is not a drive-by, quick stop bird to find. (2) Hip waders. The field is heavily overgrown. Even with hip boots, wading through the field, we picked up hundreds of clinging seeds and quite a few bramble needles. (3) Calm wind. We heard the bird during a relatively quiet time, wind-wise. The dry leaves in the trees there make a lot of rattle.

From the community gardens parking area, you could save a few steps in the overgrown gasline cut (field), by either walking North along Wiehle and cutting E through the woods, before you reach the dam; or else, just walk through the woods, North and parallel to the field. We did not try parking at the Church; the bird was on the "far" side (West) of the field, from the church.

Thanks to Dave Young for finding and reporting this bird!!

Steve Johnson & Lynn Rafferty
Fairfax, Virginia

On Sep 29, 2017, at 3:40 PM, David Young via va-bird wrote:

> I first heard the single call notes, then located a Sedge Wren today (9/29) along the Gas Pipe line
> easement, a short distance behind the Lake Anne Dam along Wiehle ave.
> Saw one here on September 27, 2016 in the same exact area. It was in the very
> thickly overgrown south hillside of the pipeline that leads up to the garden plots,
> behind the Unitarian Universalist Church. Best and basically only place to park too.
> Be on notice that there is a VERY active Honey Bee colony
> along the woods bordering Wiehle and this is also in the corner where I saw the Wren.
> It's a large area of overgrown hillside, but SEWR will briefly pop out near edges. Not easy at first.
> I love the way the Natural Gas company only bush hogs these slopes just once a year,
> usually in October/November, otherwise they leave it alone.
> Fields also have lots of Goldfinches, two Common Yellow Throats, and a few Indigo Buntings.
> Also loaded with a variety of butterflies.
> I also have been meaning to note here that I've heard and or seen a lone Common Raven 5 times this
> month, always hear first then see it circling over towards Town Center from Hidden Creek CC. area.
> Dave Young
> Reston, Virginia
> David Young
> <lcdyoung93...>
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