Date: 9/30/17 2:47 am
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Subject: Carteret County Birds, Friday
Hello birders,

Dave W and I took the day off up in Carteret County yesterday.

Cedar Island marshes early produced a bunch of Virginia Rails with good looks in flashlight. I could have sworn I heard a Black Rail call twice, but I don't want my year bird to be a maybe.

A lone Least Tern youngster is late at the ferry terminal but appears healthy.

We headed to Harker's Island for a day on Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks as a strong Northwest wind can bring lots of goodies to the cape. The birds get pushed down and then have no where to go and will not turn around until the wind abates. Although the wind shifted to NE, it kept some good flocks down there.

Unfortunately the Ferry vendor ruined our plan because they only allow transfers from Shack to Cape Lookout which was all wrong as we wanted passerines in the morning and shorebirds in afternoon as hide tide was later. However the birding gods were with us and as we pulled up to Shack the captain pulled the boat up to a huge flock of godwits and a pesky horse. We both got quick looks at the Bar-tailed but pandemonium ensued when the huge flock took off and I tried to get my camera out. Will post pics of one of the huge flocks of godwits but a preliminary scan of the flock in flight and I can't pick it out.

Two adult plumage Reddish Egrets continue and multiple Peregrines kept the shore birds on their toes.

We made it to Cape Lookout at noon and after walking around for a while we're quite disappointed as it was relatively quiet. Once again we lucked out on the way back to the ferry. A really nice flock of warblers including many Cape Mays, some in adult breeding plumage and the cherry on top was two Philadelphia Vireos one of which I managed good pics.

Finally, the Ruff at Cliff's Corner was still present and totally not shy. If you don't have a good experience with a Ruff yet, I suggest you come meet this confiding one.

Good birding!

Jamie Adams
Wilmington, NC

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