Date: 9/29/17 6:48 pm
From: 'Bailey, Steven D' <sdbailey...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Today's yard birds
The yard seemed to be full of migrant birds today. We had our FOS records for Ruby-crowned Kinglet (1), Golden-crowned Kinglet (5-6) and White-throated Sparrow (2+)... and I was pretty sure that I heard our 1st Red-breasted Nuthatch and maybe a Dark-eyed Junco as well. There were also many warblers, including Yellow-rumped (5+), Baypoll (3+), Tennessee (3+) and a few unidentified (Sheryl thought she had a Black-throated Blue!). There was also one Red-eyed Vireo and one flyover Turkey Vulture.
Last night an Eastern Screech-Owl began calling... while the band playing at the Mundelein High School's football game (just down the road) and the announcer were at their loudest. It was amazingly that I even heard the owl from inside the house. However, I was able to call it in close, and it was one of those that likes to dive-bomb you... so we saw it fly by us several times, very close. We always have one call in/near the yard about this time of year, then never hear it again for the rest of the year... rather strange. Good birding!

Steve Bailey
Mundelein (Lake Co.)

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