Date: 9/29/17 4:53 pm
From: Tom Ewert <ewert.tom...>
Subject: Butler Co roadrunner and other migrants
I still have a few targets on my Butler county list so headed that way this
morning. I found a couple of sedge wrens chattering away at the Eldorado
sewage lagoons tall grass prairie, just below the west pond. A Lincoln
sparrow and common yellowthroat were the other birds seen there. I stopped
at a couple other places around Eldorado but was only able to pish up
catbirds and kinglets so I headed south. At Cole Creek road and 170th south
of Leon a roadrunner ran across the road in front of me. I could not
relocate it but there is a hedgerow and old farm with a horse barn at the
I found a few more migrants at the state fishing lake, mostly
orange-crowned warblers, kinglets and blue-headed vireo. The chickadees I
heard and saw all sang kind of a mixed song so I ain't calling them.
Another good day birding and nice day to be outside
Tom Ewert

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