Date: 9/29/17 4:28 pm
From: <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: I'd like to buy an argument, please
The greater coverts are more sparsely marked than most but otherwiseI
don't see anything necessarily outside the range of
2nd-cyclesmithsonianus. What gray there is in the new upper scapular
andback feathers seems too pale for Vega.
The solidly dark primaries lacking pale fringing and solid dark
basesto the tertials suggest it's at least something close to a pure
bird ratherthan an intergrade with Glaucous or Glaucous-winged.

-----------------------------------------From: "Mike Patterson"
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Subject: [obol] I'd like to buy an argument, please

Anybody want to start an argument over this?

Presumably Herring, but which one?

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
That question...

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