Date: 9/29/17 9:25 am
From: Marlene A Condon via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] nighthawks, FOS Winter Wren, screech owl in one of my owl boxes!, etc.
A belated note: Saw 2 nighthawks interacting over an open field about 7 AM on Sept. 25.  They were making a sound that I had never heard them make before. 
Just before 8 AM today, had a Winter Wren in the brush pile near the bird feeder pole.  But I want to mention that bird feeding is not just about putting feeders out!  I leave my senescent herbaceous plants standing until spring, and Winter Wrens are usually seen on them searching for insects (aphids remain for a long time).  So-o-o, please consider spreading the word to neighbors who clean up their yards every fall.
Also was alerted to a screech owl in one of my five owl boxes around the yard, which I was expecting, thanks to the low temps this morning.  Sure enough, got back from exercising and the chickadees and titmice alerted me to the situation.  Made my day before it had much begun!!!
Then discovered that all 8 caterpillars on my small (volunteer) Black Birch tree have survived and are now curled up inside leaves on the plants.  Moth numbers are way down so I am delighted to see this.
A chipmunk made its way along the "bunny trail" a while ago, and now a Monarch butterfly is in the yard!  What a great day already!!!!!!
Very happily,
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