Date: 9/29/17 4:33 am
From: Holly Merker <0000002d9b0d8554-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Birding Expo in SE PA!
Pennsylvania Birders,

I haven’t seen mention of this on the listserv, so thought I’d throw this out there in case you hadn’t heard that starting today, through Sunday, the American Birding Expo will be here in Pennsylvania, with vendors, and people visiting our great state from around the globe!

If you are looking for new optics in the near future, check out the many vendors that will be there and happy to show you what’s available!
There’s a fantastic array of bird feeding products, and, top-notch artwork for your holiday shopping!
And, if you are thinking of traveling in the US or abroad, with a bird oriented focus, check out the many opportunities that will be shared with you! (with discounts incentives!!) <>

Pennsylvania was selected due to our well-known love of the outdoors, and especially bird watching, and we should be very proud that the staff at Bird Watchers Digest chose our beautiful state to play host to this global event.

Pennsylvania’s own amazing Scott Weidensaul, is the keynote speaker Saturday evening! If you haven’t heard Scott speak- you are in for a truly inspiring opportunity to learn more about birds, conservation, and bird science on the cutting edge.

There will be free birdwalks, and workshops, held through the weekend : <>

Here’s the American Birding Podcast (ABA) episode which you can listen to to learn more (plus, this podcast is awesome!): <>

Check it out!

Good birding,

Holly Merker
Downingtown, Chester Co.
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