Date: 9/28/17 11:12 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Ovenbird and Hummingbirds
An Ovenbird appeared this morning Thurs 9/28/17. He was sitting in the
hedge not far from the feeder at about 7:30 AM and he was still sitting
there at least a half hour later. A really pretty bird, could see the
spotted breast and the stripes on his head. We've seen one other years
at migration time, but not in recent years. Nice to see one of them
still stops here!

Also saw at least 2 ruby throated hummingbirds at the same time as the
ovenbird. The hummers were all over the salvia flowers. The one I got
the best look at appeared a bit roly poly, so I'm guessing he was on his
way south. No red, white tips on tail, a little gray on the breast and
looked otherwise green. I'm assuming it was a younger bird. This late we
rarely see 2 at once, although I'm guessing there could be more in the
area. Also, saw the one bird catching bugs.

The pineapple salvia just started to bloom this week, but only a few
flowers so far. All the other salvias are still going strong, also
cypress vine, cardinal climber and coral honeysuckle. And the Benary's
giant zinnias seem to be a favorite, they are over six feet tall this
year and the hummers and goldfinches sit on them! They have also
attracted Giant Swallowtail butterflies and American Painted Lady
butterflies in the last few weeks. The Giant Swallowtails are huge, I've
seen them occasionally other years.

Cumberland County, PA
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