Date: 9/28/17 5:05 pm
From: Joseph Neal <joeneal...>
White-faced Ibis (2) were foraging in a pond adjacent Alma Wastewater Treatment Facility. These dark ibises were in juvenile plumage. ID was based upon red eye color and mostly grayish-colored bills. Other birds present in the area, including Frog, Alma Wastewater, and King Ranch: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck (10), Blue-winged Teal (~30), Northern Shoveler (1 female), Great Blue Heron (3), Great Egret (10+ including birds seen along Dyer Lake-Frog), Snowy Egret (17), Little Blue Heron (3 white juvs), Cattle Egret (20), Green Heron (4), Sora (2, at Frog), Semipalmated Plover (1), Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs (2), Lesser Yellowlegs (2), Spotted Sandpiper (2), Semipalmated Sandpiper (8), Least Sandpiper (65+).

On the way home a made a little detour towards Shores Lake in Ozark NF. I went back to where Red Crossbills were present September 15. I checked a few other promising habitats when I didnít find them there. No crossbills for the day.

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