Date: 9/28/17 7:52 am
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Morning birds
Chatting Titmouse hovering over my head. Kept flying between me and it's
roosting bush. I finally soothe it off to carefully step over to the spot
by a log.It hopped on my head just chatting in alarm. I already figured it
was a snake hovering under that spot. Sure enough poisonous one too. I
backed away with a mental note to watch when I walk the dogs. Bird was not
happy with my actions. I just told it to find another home till the snake
leaves. With a huff it flew off my head.
Cows are close to us this day as I went to the rising sun view. 25 Cedar
Waxwings sitting on the cedar nearby took off in a silvery flight. 4 female
Wood Ducks near the pond Sat there preening for the day as women do. 9
Bluebirds sat on the cow fence thinking too hard in my opinion of what to
do in such a nice day. Such as I did after talking to the one publishing
company about my poetry, their "free" advertising comes with a $3500 "fee".
So I continued to watch my birds and wonder how I can research for another
company as my data flittering away as fast as the Robins yank worms out of
the ground. To finish my morning list as I pull out old binoculars and
other such items to sell for gas money. I see 3 Bluejays,2 American Crows,
1 Sharp-Shinned Hawk, 3 Field Sparrows, A Summer Tanager, and a Eastern
Kingbird. I have fields,woods,water,and a cedar grove around me so never
know what might just pop through here to let me see? Ah,final note, 3 Doves
in a nut tree. I see a collar on one so two species out of the three. Nice
morning after all. Teresa, River Valley, AR.

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