Date: 9/28/17 3:55 am
From: Jeremy Meyer <jmeyer4044...>
Subject: [wisb] Lake Park - 16 warbler species/Summer Tanager
Good morning,
Lake Park was awesome yesterday. I received a text from Mike, that there
was decent warbler numbers and variety on the golf course again. I decided
to leave work and check it out (not a hard decision). I got there about
noon and went to the golf course. For whatever reason the warblers always
fly around with the bluebirds. Wherever they go so do the warblers. There
was at least 15 Palm, 8 Yellow-rumped and 1 Pine Warbler with that group. I
noticed they had flown to the north, so I made my way to the locust ravine.
Wow, that's where the birds were! For the next 5 hours I just walked in
circles, around the ravine, finding new birds constantly. It was one of the
best days of the year. Feeding on the grape vines, just before the wooden
bridge, to the left, were a bunch of thrushes. Hermit, Swainson's and
Gray-cheeked were all present. Around 5:30pm, at that spot, I saw 2
tanagers. They were eating the fruit as well. I was able to get great
views/photos of both and noticed that one was a Summer Tanager and the
other a first year Scarlet Tanager. In that same area, I also had 2
Yellow-bellied Flycatchers. For the day, I ended with 16 warbler species
and 59 total!

Have a great day,
Jeremy Meyer
Franklin, Milwaukee

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