Date: 9/27/17 5:35 pm
From: Sherry, Thomas W <tsherry...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Drama along the Mississippi
I wouldn't want to be a cicada! Just about anything and everything will eat them, or try to do so, including blue jays, crows.

BTW, the brown boobies were adults.

--Tom Sherry (Algiers)

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Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Drama along the Mississippi

Tom, Labird,

I saw a report that copperheads do the same thing, congregating
in big numbers under trees where cicadas emerge from the ground. Must
not be good to be a cicada.

Paul Conover


On 9/27/2017 7:27 PM, Sherry, Thomas W wrote:
> I watched a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron stalk and nab an adult cicada from the ground in a lawn in my neighborhood (Algiers, ~Lennox Ct. and Gen. Meyer Ave.), and almost before I could process this the bird let out an extraordinary squawk while diving sideways as it barely eluded a juv. sharp-shinned hawk. (I can see these herons, both juvies and adults in the lawns in the neighborhood every year for weeks around this time of year, I think primarily to hunt the emerging cicadas. White ibis do the same thing at times.)
> A short while later, ~6:30 PM and Patterson Rd. intersection with Public Rd. along Mississippi R. levee I watched two brown boobies fly steadily upriver, just above the water.
> Tom Sherry, New Orleans (Algiers, West Bank)
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