Date: 9/27/17 4:39 pm
From: Mike <gardenbug99...>
Subject: [COBOL] Wednesday Birders
Waited til 7:30 at River Woods store but nobody showed so I was it for Wed. birding.
Can there be a nicer place than Wickiup Reservoir Dam on a cold, clear, windless late September morning? Magnificent! Just enough fog to make it very interesting birding.
Wandered the flats off the dam waiting for fog to clear. A few ducks, a GBH, Killdeer and five Long-billed dowitchers. Only shorebirds all day. Yellowrumps also.
Rising fog at the main dam overlook revealed 120 stunning White Pelicans as well as Common Loons, about 8, along with several ducks, but not much variety
Most numerous bird of the day was Common Merg. Merlin on the road below the dam and may have seen a Goshawk cross ahead of me but never really got close.
Boat ramp at Wickiup was very quiet. Cormorants, RB Gulls and a few duck species. Red-breasted Nuthatch the only non water bird. Varied thrush were very common along most roadways and rustling in the brush. WC and GC sparrows as well as Juncos were plentiful along the roadways. Heard Cross-bills at the boat ramp, but never saw them. No Scoters.
Picked up Western Grebe and Common Goldeneye at boat ramp across from S. Twin Lake. No birds on S. Twin.
Should mention that until I got to S. Twin I never saw another car or person.
Sheep Bridge had no birds, but seven cars of fisherpersons.
One W. Grebe at North Twin Lake. Stopped here for a leisurely lunch. Sorry Judy, know this isn't allowed but couldn't help myself. About a dozen Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels did everything but climb in my lunch box so naturally we shared. Otherwise they threatened bodily harm.
Crane Prairie was very quiet at the resort but did have a fly-over Coopers Hawk
Complete list below.

Canada Goose 1, Wickiup
Gadwall 3, Wickiup
American Wigeon 5 Wickiup
Mallard 25, Wickiup, Crane Prairie
Green-wing Teal 15 Wickiup
Bufflehead 3 Wickiup
Common Golden-eye 5 Wickiup
Common Merganser 75+/- Wickiup, Crane Prairie
Pied-bill Grebe 1 Crane Prairie
Common Loon 8 Wickiup
Western Grebe 11 Wickiup, N. Twin and Crane Prairie
American White Pelican 120 Wickiup
DC Cormorant 11 Wickiup
GBH 3 Wickiup, Crane Prairie
Bald Eagle 6 adult, 1 Juv Wickiup
Coopers Hawk 1 Crane Prairie
Merlin 1 Wickiup
Coot 50 Crane Prairie
Killdeer 1 Wickiup
Long-billed Dowitcher 5 Wickiup
Ring-billed Gull 20 Wickiup, Crane Prairie
N. Flicker 2 Wickiup
Stellars Jay 1 Wickiup
Raven 5 Wickiup
Yellow-rumped Warblers 11 Wickiup
Mt. Chickadee 3 Wickiup
RB Nuthatch 1 Wickiup
Varied Thrush 30+/- everywhere along roads and crossing
WC Sparrow 15 Wickiup
DE Junco 6 Wickiup, Crane Prairie
Brewers Blackbird 12 S. Twin and N. Twin lakes

Mike Golden
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