Date: 9/27/17 3:08 pm
From: Nickel, James B <James.Nickel...>
Subject: Marion County Nashville Fallout
There are good days and bad days. But today was an extraordinary day. I decided to hit a few of my Marion County Hotspots. I went to Florence first since it has some of the best habitat in the county.
I found most of the migrants low and in patches of ragweed and thick weeds. Thank God the ragweed was played out, as I have hay fever. Each patch seemed to have 10-20 birds in it. Usually they were mostly warblers. I saw a farmer fixing fence and asked him if I could bird on his property. He gave me permission. He owns the best habitat in the county. There are huge oaks, sycamores, big bluffs, and one of Marion County's biggest springs on the property.
That when things really started to pick up. I must have seen 200 individual warblers. There were many times I looked around and saw 10-15 warblers and other migrants. What a special place! I'm going to bake a pie and take it to the farmers house.
Then I went home and looked around my spring area. Same story: birds in thick weeds and lots of birds. My spot was hot. I have never seen as many birds on my farm as I did today. There were many times I looked around and saw 15-20 migrants.
In the end, I have several observations. First, I probably will never see as many Nashville Warblers in one day as I saw today for the rest of my life. I must have seen at least a hundred. At one time there were 7 bathing in the water by my spring! I saw a lot of Indigo Buntings, but not a single male. I saw at least 20-25 blue headed vireos. I saw 300+ warblers. I was surprised by the very high numbers of house wrens.
I saw 7 warbler species: Black-Throated Green, Black and White, American Redstart, Nashville, Orange-Crowned, Common Yellowthroat, and Wilson's. I saw 1 female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
Migration is in full swing. Best Wishes for good birding to all. Jim Nickel

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