Date: 9/27/17 9:47 am
From: Catherine Tulley <catherine.tulley...>
Subject: Help identifying fall migrant warblers
Hello all,

I haven't posted to the list in a while, but was hoping to get some
assistance identifying some fall migrants I've seen here in downtown

My coworker and I found one bird yesterday morning that we thought had been
stunned from a window collision, so I reported it to the folks over at However, I found a second bird hanging out in the
bushes this morning, so perhaps they've stopped here during the heat wave?

I consulted with a friend who is better at warbler ID than myself, and she
suspects that they are bay-breasted warblers.


Many thanks!


*“The world is full of magic things,patiently waiting for our sensesto grow
sharper.”~ W.B. Yeats*
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