Date: 9/26/17 3:38 pm
From: Jim Lomax <sdrib...> [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply...>
Subject: [CB] Contra Costa County
’s up, dogs?

Trying to get ready to leave the country for 6 weeks to South America so haven’t been birding much lately, but notably I did go down to look for the reported bird in Kings County on September 23rd and was lucky enough, after John Sterling saw it fly across the road and land on a barb wire fence, to see the SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER. It stayed only a day, apparently, and was gone.

So today, I got up to do my “old man’s run” but checked my email first. I jumped in the car and took off to Richmond meeting John Luther, Dave Quady, and another birder at the Richmond Water Treatment Plant off the Richmond Parkway where we had very good looks at the bird Albert Linkowski found yesterday and Aaron Maizlish found again this morning, a beautiful AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER. It was in a pond on the west side of the office complex (where you sign in for permission to bird there).

Never got to the run.

“Truckin’ like the do-dah man”,

Jim Lomax
Solitary Birder
from No Particular Place

Not at all sure where I’ve been, but I’m not starting over again.

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