Date: 9/26/17 1:59 pm
From: Tom Crabtree <tc...>
Subject: [COBOL] Bird Changes this week
It's definitely getting the feel of fall outside in Central Oregon. I had
my first of the season Oregon Juncos in Bend yesterday, following the FOS
Ruby-crowned Kinglet on Sunday. There has been a buildup of Red-breasted
Nuthatches, Hermit & Varied Thrushes over the last week or so as well.
Today I had my first "bunch" of migrating warblers consisting of 7
Yellow-rumped Warblers, 2 Black-throated Grays and 2 Orange-crowneds in the
West Hills. A mostly Yellow-shafted Flicker was an additional surprise.
Downtown the Steller's and California Scrub Jays are putting on quite a show
in the oaks, grabbing acorns then flying off (sometimes several miles) to
store them away for winter. Get out and enjoy the show. Be sure to tell
the Downtown Bend Association how much you enjoy the birds, as in past years
there was some discussion that they wanted to remove the trees because the
acorns were "messy."

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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