Date: 9/26/17 8:26 am
From: Christopher Hill <Chill...>
Subject: Kestrelpalooza at Bucksport SC
The dozen or so warblers flitting around at the Bucksport Sod Farm this morning were annoyingly hard to get a look at (Palm, Yellowthroat, Redstart and several unidentified-but-different-by-chip-note species). But the neat thing was looking out at the sprinkler heads and seeing 9 kestrels perched in one field. And 5 more in another field. And one on the wire, and one overhead. Also buckets of Blue Grosbeaks with a few Indigo Buntings mixed in, in a sorghum field.

Never seen so many kestrels perched in one place.

Chris Hill
Conway, SC
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