Date: 9/25/17 12:56 pm
From: Tracy the Birder <winterfell.six...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Sooty Tern Viewing Experience
For those going up to see the bird for the first time-

1) Here's the exact location via ebird:

2) Expect a long-range view of the bird. A scope or a good pair of binoculars is handy. The bird sat upon a pipeline at the gravel pit pond when I was there, though it flew around the pond area a few times (still at a pretty good distance).

3) Birding etiquette is not the only issue at the site. Apparently people trying to get closer to the bird can draw the ire of a property owner or even the employees of the gravel company. Staying next to the road where you park in the grass is advised. There was talk about this at the site when I was there, though a friendly lady who is part of the landowner's family stopped by and had a pleasant conversation with us- she and her young son got a view of the bird through a friendly birder's binoculars.

4) Those seeking good pictures should have a good camera setup with a long lens. Otherwise your pictures will look very suitable for fuzzy cropping, like mine :-)

Best of luck!

Tracy the Birder


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