Date: 9/25/17 12:35 pm
From: <mike.carozza...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Lewis' Woodpecker Details from Fort Mason
Just wanted to follow up the LEWIS' WOODPECKER post with some details...

eBird checklist with photos:

Flew in to Fort Mason battery looking like a crow but with a gliding style of flight. Landed briefly before being mobbed by much larger American crows. Red stained belly in the center of mostly grey feathers. Shiny dark back. Head was dark from the neck up compared to gray collar. Juan was there, too!

The bird flew west, then returned several times before finally flying west and not returning. The bird seemed tired, so maybe it hasn't gone too far.

Also of note, RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER, NORTHERN FLICKER (seen by Juan), 2 BT GRAY, 5 YELLOW-RUMPED, BH GROSBEAK, 3 SAVANNAH SPARROW, and I thought I had a Chipping Sparrow but need to confer with Calvin.

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