Date: 9/25/17 5:53 am
From: Marc Ribaudo via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Leesylvania migrants (lots)
Excellent morning at Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge.  16 warbler species and 61 species total.  I started at 7am at the Confederate battery, and for 40 minutes or so the only decent bird was a gray-cheeked thrush.  But the a flock of warblers suddenly appeared, containing 7 species, including Cape May, blackburnian, black-throated green, parula, magnolia, black and white, and blackpoll.  Birds were more numerous on the hillside, both in the trees above the ruins and in the dense ground cover.  I added hooded, Tennessee, ovenbird, common yellowthroat, and bay-breasted, plus scarlet tanager, red-headed woodpecker, and a Traill's type flycatcher.  In the picnic area near the small pond was a small flock contain pine, chestnut-sided and redstart.  A yellow-rumped warbler was near the boardwalk.  In general, many flickers were encountered; they must be moving through.  Also, after weeks of wondering where the parula warblers were I saw a dozen, maybe more.

Marc Ribaudo

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