Date: 9/25/17 4:13 am
From: Albert Guarente <0000005bfd76f698-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Prince G. jaeger ID
Alex       I would like to present my arguments for this Jaeger being a Parasitic. I will also state that I have not seen the bird in person and have no intentions of traveling that distance to observe the bird in person. So in other words I not interested in listing this bird for PA or any county.       Some important ID features separating this from a juvenile Long-tailed are....
- the undersurface of all primary bases is pale, creating a pale half moon (unlike Long-tailed which show a narrower "new moon") but less striking than any skua.- large broad wings where they meet the body.
- in my opinion the bird has larger rounded head than would be expected from a Long-tailed.
- shorter tail extension than Long-tailed. Parasitic's tail extension is typically shorter than the width of the arm.- one photo shows upper primaries with just two white shafts (good for Long-tailed) however the next photo, with a better angle shows the upper primaries having extensive white in many of the primary feathers

Al Guarente
Delaware County, Pa 19063
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On Friday, September 22, 2017 4:14 PM, Alex Lamoreaux <aslamoreaux...> wrote:

I've just had a few minutes to catch up with the photo documentation of the recent jaeger sighting at Prince Gallitzin SP and the photos show a very clear juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger, not a Parasitic as it has been IDed on eBird. Some important ID features separating this from a juvenile Parasitic are....

-small head with large eye
-short bill with bulbous tip
-very light plumage with blonde tips to mantle feathers
-dark primaries with only a very thin pale edge to each primary tip
-tail length meets primary length when floating

Photo documentation of the bird:,Photo,Video&sort=upload_date_desc&q=Parasitic%20Jaeger%20-%20Stercorarius%20parasiticus&species=Parasitic%20Jaeger%20-%20Stercorarius%20parasiticus®ion=Pennsylvania,%20United%20States%20(US)

Alex Lamoreaux

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