Date: 9/25/17 3:19 am
From: Dan Larson <0000008df5d69958-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Baker Wetlands Survey
Roger Boyd, Scott Kimball, Dan Larson, Marcia Hawk, Nick Pumphrey surveyed Baker Wetlands, Lawrence, Kansas on September 24.We had 65 species. This was better than previous surveys. We are beginning to see some obvious migration.
One highlight was a stream of Franklin's Gulls.Scott Kimball stayed at one point and counted gulls as they crossed an imaginary line marked by an antennae. In 20 minutes he counted 36,200 Franklin's. They were streaming across the northern edge going east northeast. Obviously they were coming off Clinton Reservoir.
We observed several warblers, Black-and White,Nashville,Northern Parula, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, and Palm Warbler. Most were at the south end of Mink Creek.
We had a few duck species and Pectoral Sandpipers were the only sandpiper. We had one mostly white Little Blue Heron.
Blue Jays were moving through as we had our second largest high count.Weather very comfortable, maybe too comfortable for late September. Lots of insects.
The complete count is at the ebird site below.
Thanks Dan LarsonBerryton Ks

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