Date: 9/24/17 8:40 pm
From: Dave DeReamus <becard...>
Subject: Re: Prince G. jaeger ID
This is the first chance I've had to respond since this was posted a couple
days ago. I have to disagree that this bird is a "very clear" Long-tailed
and hope to show why I believe it IS indeed a Parasitic as previously

On my photo showing a top view of the bird, note the STRONG WHITE CRESCENT
SHAPE at the base of the primaries (something very unusually found on

This photo shows the THICK-BASED wings (not slender like Long-tailed), and
the BULKY BODY (not slender like Long-tailed):
Also note that the dark tip of the bill only covers the OUTER THIRD of it
(not half like Long-tailed), and the bird has POINTED tail feathers (not
blunt like Long-tailed).

This photo is even better at showing the THICK wings and POINTED tail
Also note the BROKEN, DARK BROWN BARRING on DUSKY, CREAMY undertail coverts,
which favors Parasitic (not the strong, bold, black-and-white barring of

This photo shows the LIGHT BROWN TONE to the plumage (not the grayish tone
expected on a Long-tailed) and the BROADER, BUFFY TIPS on its back and
flight feathers (not the thinner, whitish tips like a Long-tailed):
Again, note the dark tip of the bill only covering about one-third of it.

Consequently, all of the above points to this bird being a Parasitic Jaeger.
Thanks to Tina Alianiello and Mark Nale for their helpful photos.
I'd be very interested in hearing others' thoughts on this bird.

Good birding,
Dave DeReamus
Palmer Township, PA
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I've just had a few minutes to catch up with the photo documentation of the
recent jaeger sighting at Prince Gallitzin SP and the photos show a very
clear juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger, not a Parasitic as it has been IDed on
eBird. Some important ID features separating this from a juvenile Parasitic

-small head with large eye
-short bill with bulbous tip
-very light plumage with blonde tips to mantle feathers
-dark primaries with only a very thin pale edge to each primary tip
-tail length meets primary length when floating

Photo documentation of the bird:,Photo,Video&sort=upload_date_desc&q=Parasitic%20Jaeger%20-%20Stercorarius%20parasiticus&species=Parasitic%20Jaeger%20-%20Stercorarius%20parasiticus&region=Pennsylvania,%20United%20States%20(US)

Alex Lamoreaux

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