Date: 9/24/17 6:17 pm
From: H Cotter <chatwren...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] 2017 SF Rare-bird Round Up Summary
Yesterday, Sept. 23 many SF birders participated in the annual Rare Bird
Round up.
This event was started by Alan Hopkins and I think it might be its 30th
year ?
Much of the city was covered and with the nice weather and slight easterly
winds some good birds were found.
Many of the highlights have been posted already; the following is an
overall summary of the main highlights:

Wild Turkey - Arboretum GGP; fide Rob Cullison and Angie Geiger
Eastern Kingbird - Kobbe Upton Community Garden, Presidio; David Assman and
Felix Rigau
Western Kingbird - Fort Scott; Linda Swanson, Mark Eaton
Tropical Kingbird - North Lake GGP; Fide Robbie Fischer and Joe Morlan
Townsend's Solitaire- Sutro Heights Park; H Cotter
Black and White Warbler - Fort Mason; Linda Swanson, Mark Eaton
Tennessee Warbler - Dragon Fly Creek Presidio; David Assman and Felix Rigau
Blackpoll Warbler - Skyline Grove, Fort Funston; Paul Saraceni, Ken
Blackpoll Warbler - Fort Miley West; H Cotter
Vesper Sparrow - Tennessee Hollow, Presidio - Josiah Clark
Summer Tanager - North Lake GGP; Fide B Fitch, Bob Hall
Summer Tanager - Sutro Tower; Adam Winer

In addition many western migrants were seen by all the groups.

Thanks to everyone who participated,

Hugh Cotter
Alan Hopkins

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