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CBC meeting Tibwin birders,

Here are details courtesy of Pam Ford and Craig Watson re their
recent trips to South Tibwin.

I will be leading the Friday and Saturday morning half day trips
there. Especially important to note are Craig's words about insect
hazard: lots of high grass, mosquitos, ticks, etc. so LONG PANTS,
BOOTS, and bug spray highly recommended for this trip. Recent storm
damage has made it very hard to properly maintain this area. Take a
look at eBird for recent lists from South Tibwin as well.

If we are willing and able to walk a bit in rough conditions we
should have productive mornings.

I will be scouting the trip on Thursday.

Steve Compton

Greenville, SC

cell 843-709-2554

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There were quite a few songbirds in the parking area, I wouldn't
rush to get out to the dikes. Funny how the parking lot of any Hot
Spot is always were the action is. The unmoved trails were not too
bad, but the mosquitoes in Charleston are a problem with our recent
rainfall. Be prepared! The outer dike that runs along the Inter
Coastal Waterway had a few warblers in the shrubs and trees, Yellow,
Prairie and Palm, also Night Herons, Eagle and a flyover Spoonbill.
Keep an eye out for pink! Good luck to you both! Lewis, also just
wanted to let you know, I registered and signed up for both Trip 3 and
Trip 19, Santee Coastal Extended that Craig will be leading. We will
be carpooling and commuting from Charleston and we are doing a scout
trip this Thursday at Santee Coastal. Thanks again for all your hard
work in pulling together this year's fall CBC. Pam
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On Sep 23, 2017, at 5:31 PM, James Watson wrote:

Ok, here are the maps! Sorry.

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I don't see attached map

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On Sep 23, 2017, at 5:22 PM, James Watson wrote:

I wanted to give you both a bit of advice on Tibwin for the upcoming
trips. I know Steve is leading a trip or so there, and Lewis said he
may do one Friday afternoon. The place has not been mowed or
maintained so walking will be through lots of tall grass and I
recommend insect repellent for mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers, and it
will be wet due to dew on the grass, so I recommend pants and not
shorts. Pam Ford and I went there recently, I think I sent you our
checklist. Additionally, the impoundments are not being managed so
there is very little in the impoundments. One impoundment has a
breached dike and you can not walk past that unless it has been fixed
so that influences tidal flow in and out for two of the connected
impoundments. However, at lower tides Pam and I were getting a few
shorebirds and waders in there so it’s good to be there at lower
tide levels. I’ve attached a map where the breach is and Steve, I
don’t know if you have ever walked the path between the house and
bunkhouse to get to the dike of the freshwater pond, but that dike is
now fixed and walkable. Here is the checklist again for your info, and
if you need any additional info please let me know. Pam, is there
anything else you can add? If so, please do.

On the attached map of South Tibwin (st) suggested routes are in
blue, big red dot is breach, red route is through woods where
sometimes you can get a few different things. What appears as double
blue lines together is just backtracking where you have walked.

If you get a chance to go to North Tibwin, it is often more
productive for different kinds of species. You’ll have to park at
the gate and walk in, and the green dot areas are ag fields with
sparrows, shrike, kestrel, and other grasslandbirds, and out near the
marsh are the impoundments, again, not well maintained.

Best of luck, and contact Pam or I for additional information. [6]

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