Date: 9/24/17 9:39 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [COBOL] Great trip and more
OK fellow birders, here it is.  We fled from the smokey skies of central
Oregon to the clear skies of British Columbia (which only came about
with a good dowsing of rain).  In two weeks of wandering around from
Banff to Reifel we were able to breathe.  Not too many birds (only 97
total species in 14 days) but a couple of noteworthy ones.  First a
'life bird' for me with the photo of a Boreal Chickadee at Rampart Creek
Campground in Banff National Park. Searched hard for a Pine Grosbeak to
photo with no luck even seeing one.  The most interesting observation is
the preponderance of Ospreys still in the vicinity of their nest
platforms AND the number of Osprey nest platforms.  Many, MANY more than
we have here in Oregon.  That said they also TOUT their birds and
birding in general up there.  Most if not ALL Chambers list 'Birding' as
the FIRST item in their advertising literature to be followed by Hiking,
Biking, Boating, Fishing, etc (not necessarily in that order).  Very
refreshing.  We should take note from them.

Then we return to find that I-84 is still closed because of the fires.

Well, at least here at home we can take a deep breath w/o smoke.

Kevin & Kei

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