Date: 9/24/17 5:15 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 9/23 - Race Point
A great day at Race Point!

Here's Steve Arena's list:

Here are Josh Rose's comments from the Massachusetts Rare Bird Alert page:

Outrageous report from Race Point tonight, I suspect by people who (like
me) had been planning to be on the BBC overnight pelagic this weekend
that was cancelled due to rough seas/high winds. FRANKLIN'S GULL,
SANDWICH TERN, and not one, not two, but three SOUTH POLAR SKUA! And
those were just the review list species: they also saw a Little Gull, a
*pair* of Sabine's Gulls, astounding numbers of jaegers including all
three species, and hundreds of tubenoses of 7 species, including maybe
the coolest-looking Sooty Shearwater of all time! Tally at the link with
many great photos, from a 9-plus-hour count by Sean Williams
Peter Flood
Blair Nikula
Steve Howell, Liam Waters, Maili Waters, Amy O'Neill, and Jacob Socolar.

I'd like to remind folks to cross-post to MASSBIRD!  PLEASE? Sharing
across platforms is appreciated!

Barbara Volkle

Northborough, MA


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