Date: 9/23/17 7:21 pm
From: KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...>
Subject: [COBOL] Green Ridge Sat 9-23
Today, the first Green Ridge Hawk Migration Count started off pretty slow. We had temps 48 - 52 degrees, winds 0-5 mph from all directions and skies mostly cloudy. We counted 9 birds between 10 & noon. As soon as Sach and Nancy arrived, things picked up and we had a final count of 147 as shown below which included 11 species including TVs. Raptors were not the only birds making appearances and I recorded 29 additional species which included 2 Common Loons and 5 kinds of woodpeckers. We ended up 13 observers at the site with up to 11 at one time. Even had Chuck, Wayne and Brian from Newport. 10 minutes before we left a juvi Goshawk put on a close in show for us.

Here is our count.

Turkey Vulture 73
Bald Eagle 1
Osprey 4
Northern Harrier 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk 26
Cooper's Hawk 22
Northern Goshawk 1
Red-tailed Hawk 7
Golden Eagle 1
Merlin 4
Peregrin Falcon 1
Unid Accipiter 3
Unid Buteo 1 Might have been a Broadwing
Unid Falcon 1

Looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Come join us.

Kim Boddie
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