Date: 9/23/17 6:31 pm
From: Peggy <lison234...>
Subject: [wisb] Fwd: Yard bonanza/warblers and others
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> Subject: Yard bonanza/warblers and others
> I have been creating a wildlife haven here in near west side of Madison since 1989. I've had 114 species visit our yard. After a warbler lull of several recent years -this fall is a happy exception. With the droughty conditions I set up a mist/shower with my hose set very low and aimed at a tamarack/balsam and it really has been the best yr. in memory.
> Starting on 9/15/2017 I've had about a dozen sp. of warbler first were chestnut sided , Tennessee, Nashville which sat on a Golden winged! and chased it away. redstarts are abundant. Others include magnolia, parula, ovenbird, orange crowned, black and white. I also have the usual assortment of yr rounds plus today a ruby crowned kinglet.
> The humming birds are here and enjoy the mist and leaf bathing. A female tanager is also hanging around. I also should say that most are immatures and get so wet it can be hard to recognize them after a ten minute shower!! It's all been very exciting for me to see them close up and at eye level. It had spoiled me for neck wrenching type warbler watching.
> I also have the young robins as you have stated. Of note - there have been NO yellow rumps (or whatever the name change has been.
> I hope you will post some of this for me or tell me how to do it. I live just under Hoyt park.
> Happy birding and cheers from Peggy in Madison

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