Date: 9/23/17 2:10 pm
From: Windstream Mail <randyc11...>
Subject: Lebanon County
About noon today Don Billett called me about lots of shorebirds along Rt.
501 and along Prescott Road. At 12:55 I stopped near ELCO Road first .
Highlights, 1 bright immature American Golden Plover , when it flew a little
no black arm pit, near 2 pm it was preening next to the road. Dave Moyer
pulled in we saw Golden and Semipalmated Plover feeding there too. There
were about 7 Greater and about 40 Lesser Yellowlegs. There were also 3 Stilt
Sandpipers. At 2:30 pm at Reistville ponds I found 9 Lesser Yellowlegs.

Randy C. Miller

Lancaster County
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