Date: 9/23/17 12:52 pm
From: mlk <00000073dc7a3e93-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Least tern at Pymatuning Spillway
No - phone died just after posting & before Meadville Birding Cavalry arrived... 1 adult common tern (molting) & 2 juvenile Forster terns. Plus the Caspians made it a 3-tern day (& new friends), but no least.

Michelle & Bob

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> On Sep 23, 2017, at 1:27 PM, mlk <00000073dc7a3e93-dmarc-request...> wrote:
> Bob VanNewkirk and I have at 3 least terns on the rocks at the Pymatuning Spillway, Crawford County.
> At the fish hatchery, we had American wigeon, northern shoveler, black ducks, great egrets, et al.
> Good birding
> Michelle Kienholz
> Allegheny County
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