Date: 9/23/17 11:02 am
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Olive-sided flycatcher at HCP, 9/22
Yesterday Lynn and I took advantage of the beautiful morning and visited Huntington Central Park. Not a lot of unexpected species except for an olive-sided flycatcher in the willows along the "lake" directly north of the library (north of the Secret Garden). A possible willow flycatcher also made a brief appearance at the same location. Here's a photo of the olive-sided:

I'm continually amazed at the explosive growth of the orange-cheeked waxbills at HCP. I remember just three or four years ago, the waxbills were a bit of a novelty; now's there's tons of them.
Speaking of non-natives, I stopped in at the Santa Ana Cemetery late yesterday afternoon. Nothing unexpected there, though I was surprised at the number of pin-tailed whydahs there. I saw at least 10. In past years, I had seen maybe one or two per visit. They're taking over!

Charles Baker

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